Apart from being the Birthplace of our Nation and the home of Peter Allen it is the hub of KLAS, and why – because we freaking love it.  I recently had a friend from Byron Bay tell me the locals of Byron are now referring to Tenterfield as “West Byron” and this could not make me happier (although if it gets as busy and we have to bring in paid parking to sort out the traffic issues there will be some complaining).  This great place we live in is thriving.  New business, new people coming to town and an injection of passion into this great community.  It is an incredibly pretty place with all four seasons being very distinct but our Autumns are AMAZING with their colours scents and smells and our Winters create a romantic and cosy feel for the town.  There is nothing like snuggling around a fireplace or sipping wine around a fire at the local wine bars with friends.  Tenterfield is like KLAS in that it is a place that creates experiences which it is why it is so fitting that this is our base.  We have many clients that have us arrange a Tenterfield experience for them whereby they will come for a coaching and business session friday and spend the weekend enjoying a wine tour, a night in our boutique accommodation and taking in the national parks or shops.  Come see for yourself.