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What Do We Do? The stuff you don’t want to do.  We draw the line at cleaning your toilet but really your mission in business is to create something great, create your wealth, your legacy your impact – not worry about when your tax should be lodged.  We take care of the regulations, the requirements, the must do’s. The boring stuff if you may (just be careful how you put that to an accountant though…some of us live for that s*#). We can work with you all the way from bookkeeping and getting your life in order, through to management success meetings and coaching.  We can be like that annoying aunt that is always in your face asking a million questions to the dentist reminder card that you get each 12 months to say whilst you don’t like this experience – it is time.  The choice is yours but our preference is that we are a part of your business and your decisions within this business.  We want to be the business partner without the profit share.



We also have other business connections we love that supply all these great services. Financial Planning and self managed superannuation advice, Marketing and Branding, Systems Implementations such as Xero add ons to make your business systems complete including Kounta, Neto, Timely, Receiptbank, Vend, Shopify, Keypay, Deputy

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We've put together a couple of packages that are available at KLAS to help yo,  but not to worry if it doesnt suit, we can create a custom package just for you.


Basic Boss

Tax Returns, Financial Statements, Business Activity Statements, ASIC, Employer Obligations

You want to still drive the bookwork but you want someone to do the reporting.  We get that. You have your hand in and you know what is going on in the day to day and week to week but leave the reporting to the nerds, I mean experts.  We have you covered.



Tax planning and a snap shot of your year and overview of what to do next, Tax Returns, Financial Statements, Business Activity Statements, ASIC, Employer Obligations. This is our most used service and where our clients really get the value. 

You know ahead of time what you need to do before 30 June, how you have performed, suggestions for next year and any structure changes required.  It’s the health check before year end to make sure you know exactly what comes next.  This is also our favourite package as it is where we show our most value in ‘getting you ready’ and supporting you.



The works (but please no beetroot, it just makes everything soggy) This is where we do all of the above and do your book keeping.  Whether it be that we process all your book keeping from your wages and bills to just recoding your bank transactions monthly there is a package that suits your needs.  In addition we do all of those things listed above for the tax office and government bodies but we give you peace of mind that the book keeping is taken care of and you can sleep well knowing it’s all in hand.


Don't see one that suitS? let us create a package that ticks all your boxes


Monthly Add ons:

Virtual FD 


VAT review and submission 

Monthly reporting 

Personal tax return 

Confirmation Statement 

Virtual office 

Bank account set up


One off Add ons (quoted separately):

Business Development Plans

Tax planning or specialist advice (such as research and development)


Review of internal systems and procedures

Xero training

Use of Technology training

Company set up

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Did we mention Xero?  Don’t pretend like you haven’t heard about it. It is the be all and end all of the accounting software world and more than just accountant nerds get excited about it.  Ask anyone using it what they think and it will be the same answer ‘we love it’.  So we will get you into that same xero euphoric state, if you aren’t already, or show you how great life is with xero and some real time reporting in your life.  Gone are the days of trying to work out where you are up to, spending 12 hours a month on your accounts – if you want a business and a life you WILL be on xero and we WILL be showing you how great your business and life can be.

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