Kirsty Ware

Client Services Manager


What is it that you do at KLAS? Client Services Administrator


What do you love about your position? The interaction with Clients and being able to help them with any matters that they may have


Give us the Scoop on your WHY you do what you do? I love the interaction with clients, love hearing what they have going on and helping them


What is the most ‘Kooki’ or ‘fun’ activity you do at KLAS, I hear you have an ‘email-a-thon’ Monday mornings on the weekends events and that Tenterfield close early for Family time Fridays, what’s your favourite KLAS habit?   I love Casual Thursday, we do this every Thursday and donate money, then at the end of each year goes to a local charity, which helps them in purchasing anything in which they may need that can provide back to the community. 


What do you love most about working at KLAS? We are a group of people with inspiration, passion and drive and always have our clients best needs  in mind.


What has been your biggest lesson whilst at KLAS? If we all work together we can achieve great things and nothing is impossible


Who or what brand are you inspired by and why? I have a few but what mainly attracts me to a brand in which I am inspired by is how they have set up from scratch, your everyday person they put their hard work into building their business from the ground and go nation wide 


What is your favourite quote? With persistency and consistency success will follow


How do you spend your time when you are not at KLAS? With Family and Friends


What are you most grateful for? Family, Friends and Good Health


What is your ideal Holiday? Somewhere tropical with a beach and white sand


How do you like your coffee? Almond milk with one


Is there anything else you would love to share about KLAS that the world needs to know? We are not the normal run of the mill Accounting Firm, We are proactive, Authentic and Awesome