Sharon Solomon


What is it that you do at KLAS?

Senior Accountant, and I get to do it all from Sydney NSW, so my position is a virtual position. My job involves analysing the numbers and minimising tax bills according to Australian tax rules and regulations.

What do you love about your position?

I like being able to save our clients’ money and suggest improvements when necessary.

Give us the Scoop on your WHY you do what you do

I do what I do because I love numbers and tax. As with many industries there is always something to learn and I love the challenge of continuously trying to be better/perform better each time I pick up clients work.

What is the most ‘Kooki’ or ‘fun’ activity you do at KLAS, I hear you have an ‘email-a-thon’ Monday mornings on the weekends events and that Tenterfield close early for Family time Fridays, what’s your favourite KLAS habit?  

Knocking back a beverage (or four) with the ladies is enjoyable. I love when I visit the office and have many a bonding sesh with the girls!

What do you love most about working at KLAS?

I love our team. I truly feel blessed to wake up every morning and be working for KLAS. It is really important to have a great team working beside you whether working virtually or not. I haven’t been at KLAS for very long but I already feel part of the KLAS family. Work doesn’t feel like work at KLAS. We are constantly learning and growing as a team and always searching for how we can do things better than we already are!!

What has been your biggest lesson whilst at KLAS?

The KLAS team has no secrets!!!  We work in an open environment where everyone has a voice. When I joined KLAS I made a video of myself to send along with my resume. I only just found out that everyone in the office has seen my application video. Lucky I didn’t know that when I visited the Tenterfield office for my first week at KLAS…embarrassing!!

Who or what brand are you inspired by and why?

Daniel Flynn – Co -founder of the ThankYou organisation. The story of his start-up simply amazes me and proves that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.  

What is your favourite quote?

If you are troubled by external circumstances, it is not the circumstances that trouble you, but your own perception of them – and they are in your power to change at any time – Marcus Aurelius.

How do you spend your time when you are not at KLAS?

When I’m not at KLAS I enjoy sailing, reading, crocheting and yoga.

What are you most grateful for?

I am most grateful for my family, friends, and work colleagues (whom are also my family and friends). Without them I wouldn’t be able to maintain the strength and positivity that gets me through life.

What is your ideal Holiday?

Take me to a remote location where there’s sun, surf, sand and no internet ;)

How do you like your coffee?

No coffee for me, hot water and lemon or Asian green tea!

Is there anything else you would love to share about KLAS that the world needs to know?

I have never worked for a team that care about each other and our clients the way that KLAS do. Working with KLAS makes you feel like you’re actually making a difference in clients lives whether it be tax planning, business improvements, or restructuring.