Laura Lee


What is it that you do at KLAS? Team Support & Virtual Team Liaison. If it were a game of cricket though, I would be called an all rounder. There isn’t much in the office that I don’t have a hand in.

What do you love about your position? I LOVE THE CHALLENGE!!! There is so much to learn in my position and I feel like my knowledge is continuously growing and developing. I have most definitely surprised myself with my ability to adapt and push myself. The sky is the limit!!!

What is the most ‘Kooki’ or ‘fun’ activity you do at KLAS, I hear you have an ‘email-a-thon’ Monday mornings on the weekends events and that Tenterfield close early for Family time Fridays, what’s your favourite KLAS habit?   The achievement jar is my favourite KLAS habit. It reminds you how great you really are and encourages you to aim higher and higher to add more achievements to your jar and of course our occasional afternoon get-togethers with all of the team.

What do you love most about working at KLAS? The friendly but yet determined atmosphere. The team of brilliant ladies is what really makes KLAS great. I love the attitude here that no task is too big to tackle.

What has been your biggest lesson whilst at KLAS? To set goals for yourself. You can do anything you put your mind too. Remind yourself everyday of your goals and you WILL get there with some hard work and don’t forget to have some fun along the way J

What is your favourite quote? You can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to always arrive at your destination…

How do you spend your time when you are not at KLAS? Riding my horses takes up most of my spare time. When I do have a spare moment not spent with my horses I occasionally pick up my old guitar and try to belt out a tune.

What are you most grateful for? Not very original, but I am extremely grateful for all of my family and close friends. They all mean the world to me. I have surrounded myself with amazing people and without them who knows where I would be.  

What is your ideal Holiday? I would love to visit the Blue Mountains in the middle of winter. Wrap myself up in a warm blanket and relax in front of the fire, dine out for dinner and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

How do you like your coffee? EXTRA SHOT!!!! White with one sugar.

Is there anything else you would love to share about KLAS that the world needs to know?

On more of a personal note, KLAS truly are my second family. From the moment I walked through the door on my first day, I have felt so welcome by the team. These wonderful women have been the greatest support network to me and I feel very blessed to have them in my life. They have become my lifelong friends and I cannot imagine my life without them. I have never met a more compassionate and understanding group of women.

The laughter and determination at KLAS is infectious and there is no place I would rather work. Tenterfield and KLAS have been very easy to fall in love with.

It is such a driven and focused environment but also very relaxed and down to earth. There is always a new goal ready to be smashed!!!

With all these wonderful, inspiring ladies around me I feel as though I could conquer the world!!!