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You Have a Coach for Sport, Why not one for your most valuable asset – Your business

You have kicked off the new financial year, got yourself recharged and full of inspirational steam for 2018/2019 but where to from here.  You don’t want a repeat of prior years where you have set out your goals and your intentions for the year and by week 3 it has died in the ass.  Whether it be eating well, exercising, connecting more or kicking some butt in business you need to be kept accountable.

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Bullying, Like it or not we need this

When I was a child growing up there were always bullies.  I don’t mean the hitting and steal your lunch kind but there is always a mean girl just waiting to make you look like a dick in front of others so they can build their own self esteem, create a group around them that make them more popular or give them power in the playground.  And I thank those people. 

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