Tenterfield on Fire

town alight.JPG

I have a sense of dae ja vu.  In February I wrote about the amazing community spirit within Tenterfield following some of the most intense fires we had seen in decades, and here we are again, marvelling at how incredible our people and town is.  From the Fire Brigades, both town and rural, giving their all and saving dozens of houses, to the essential energy team working around the clock to restore power to the town, to the volunteers co-ordinating resources and support centres and food and water. There are so many giving so much to the community. What about the locals helping neighbours and fighting off the blaze to save homes and belongings, or those that have travelled to come home and help their families and the town to fend off the fires. It is something that stirs so much pride in me and those within Tenterfield.  Let’s not forget those that have suffered a great loss in losing their homes and business premises, this is without doubt difficult for each and every one of them, but I know that the community will also support these people in their time of need.  And Why? Because that is what community is. And that is what makes Tenterfield what it is.  A place with Soul and Heart that creates memories, and brings people together.

It is far from over and with resources spread thin over much of the east coast with horrific fires it will be a difficult time.  But this community is incredible and together, will get through.

Kristen LovettComment