Why is my Super rejecting??

Super is due again and the phone has been ringing hot with super rejection notices coming through in Xero.  Why??

Austsafe super has been taken over by Sunsafe super.  Your affected employees will have received details of their new fund.  You will need to update these details in your payroll prior to paying your March 2019 Super payment.  If you need assistance in how to make these changes  please call our office or a support note on how to make this change can be found a thttps://central.xero.com/s/article/Change-superannuation-funds-for-future-or-past-payments


Other News – Calling our Virtual Team

We have just completed an upgrade of our phone systems.  This change will enable our off site team to be accessible through the main office phone number and also when our team is on the road that can be connected.  So if you are calling any team members, regardless of where they are based, please call the office on 02 67361145.  Please reframe from calling the mobile numbers direct of our team so they can easily distinguish private and work calls.  This will make contact seamless for our clients and no need to recall various mobile numbers.  And We Love It!


Team Changes

We have recently made some changes to our team with Tonja finishing with KLAS in March.  Clients working with Tonja will contact the office and Kirsty will direct your enquiry.  Just a reminder for all clients that you have Kirsty, Kristen and your account manager as your contact points.  This system enables maximum support and knowledge of your matters.



We wish all our clients a safe and wonderful Easter.  Our office will be trading as normal and closing only on the public holidays.