The Power of Community Spirit

For those outside the 60 limits (well  50 now) of Tenterfield, you may not be aware that this week has been a big one for our community and the surrounding towns.  We currently have two fires burning out of control, One to the north and one to the east.  It is a time of panic and uncertainty but one thing I have witnessed this week is an incredible community spirit and connection. 

Mates helping mates, Strangers helping strangers and an overwhelming sense of pride in our town.  This morning while I went for a jog with the kids we stopped and waved to a procession of fire trucks going out for another day in the heat to combat the fires.  We clapped and cheered and we immediately saw he energy in the trucks lift, then they were all out the window waving.  A simple gesture could change the whole outlook of their day, and it most certainly changed ours as we became so grateful.

Tenterfield  businesses have launched into action donating goods, food and time to help those stranded or that have lost their houses and to keep the fire teams well fed. Many businesses have their teams out in rural fire brigades helping to fight the blazes or out in machines cutting in fire breaks and keeping the fires away from farming land and properties. Those not in business are certainly doing their share too with car loads of cooking, water and supplies being given.  Then there are the organizers that have co-ordinated drop offs and circulation of all the supplies.

This is the power of a rural town.  The pride, the support and the compassion.

It really is a no brainer for KLAS to operate from a location that is so authentic and supportive.  Over the years whilst we identified the need to be able to growth our accounting team, we also recognised it was difficult to bring skilled accountants to Tenterfield.  We now employ virtual accountants in locations throughout Australia that then come and spend time with the Tenterfield team each month. We also employ a smaller team of qualified accountants in the Phillapines to support our accounting team.  It’s about looking for ways to do things differently while not sacrificing what is important to us, which is our personal service and our location in Tenterfield.

Here’s cheers to our incredible community and our amazing fire fighters.  The true heros.