Business is Hard, Don’t be Disillusioned by the Instagram Posts

If you are going into business to have more flexibility, spend loads more time with your family and friends and kick back drinking coffees all day and socializing, you may want to have a think about it.  Business is hard, don’t be disillusioned by the Instagram posts.

I am loving the blogs and posts that I am reading at the moment that back this statement.  Whilst it is great to follow your dreams and start a business the reality is most people are going in under prepared because they think it is a way to make their life easier and more ‘balanced’.  Well unless you have a fat bank account or someone to pay your way while you are building your dream business, this isn’t going to happen.  It’s hard going.  Long hours, sacrifices and missing out of events with your kids, missing out on date nights, friend’s parties and the yoga you used to do every Thursday.  Having someone else look after your kids and see their milestones while you are working on your dream and wondering if it’s worth it.  There are not many business’ that throw open the doors or flick the switch and they are an overnight success.  Actually I could probably count the ones that are on one hand.  But what I will say is that if you are passionate about what you are doing, I mean really love it, then you will see this as just a moment in time and you are working to that vision of more time, a 6 hours work day, time for you, time for your relationships and time for your family.  As Richard Branson says ‘You will never work a day in your life if you love what you do’.  So most defiantly start with the end in mind and visualize the life you are creating, but know that it won’t all be champagne and parties. It will take hard work, sacrifice and above all determination.

It has taken me 13 years, a huge amount of sleepless nights and stress and a mountain of determination to get to a point where I can say we are comfortable and doing it right.  The team model I created 6 years ago is finally in place.  Yes it’s taken 6 years and a redesign of how we do business but we are there now.  And will it always be that way – NO because business changes and there will be something else that shifts or heavy work deadlines that mean I am working 12 hours days for a period BUT that is business and it is how our business works.  It is the hussle of owning and running a business and you will be hard pressed to find someone successful that doesn’t have this in life. 

Always remember ‘The best view comes from the hardest climb’.