FARM ASSISTANCE - are you eligible for assistance for drought support?

We have updated our listing of drought assistance measures for clients to keep across what is currently on offer and what assistance can be accessed for drought support. These are below for your review.

We are happy to assist in applications for funding and can arrange Stuart Brummell, Rural Financial Counsellor to attend our office for further assistance for clients on request.

The Farm Household Allowance is presently under review by the Federal Government and Kristen has been in consultation with Barnaby Joyce’s office with input on the experiences we are seeing with clients around complexity in the application process and the large number of ineligible producers, the delay in assessment following financial year end and in some circumstances debts being raised and the large number of producers that are not receiving any assistance. 

We intend on remaining on the front foot in assisting producers get a more simplified method of assessment and a more accessable payment.

Please review the list of payments, rebates and loans and eligibility criteria attached as a PDF file below and call to speak with Kristen for any questions you may have.  Alternatively you can contact the Rural Financial Counsellor Stuart Brummell on 02 6732 3325