Surfing, the metaphor for living life whole

You’re never too old to chase a dream.

I’ve always wanted to Learn to surf. #lifegoals. When my 8 year old daughter showed interest I was excited that I could learn something new with my lifelong girlfriend. So we did, and it’s been so fun. A week of lessons and while we are no layne beachly we have a few new skills.

I’ve realised a few things while chasing waves and swallowing salt water

* there is never a ‘perfect’ wave aka there is never a perfect time. If you sit back and wait then opportunities pass and you may miss something special. Done is better than perfect so just do it.

* you are only limited by your vision. If you look down you will fall




But look up and forward and you get it, you really get it.

* if you want it bad enough you will paddle like crazy and catch it. I can hear my coach Belen yelling in her cute American accent ‘paddle paddle paddle’ and it will stick with me always. Life or surfing PADDLE

* the bigger the board the better the ride. So pick a big one. Big goal, big dream.

So as New Years kicks around I take this into my list. I’ve ticked a lot of my goals from 2018 off, it’s been a good one but not without challenges but it’s the challenges that shape us. My list this year will be a ‘more and less’. More of what I want less of what I don’t need.

New Years Rez 2019

More food that fuels and serves me

Less processed food

More learning

Less scrolling

More yoga, salt water, surfing, exercise, gym and things I love, more for me (move believe achieve)

Less stress

More family time and memories

Less non productive work time

More properties

Less spending on material shit

More connections with friends and quality times

Less being busy

Less make up

More authenticity (my beach face and hair are totally staying)

Have a good one my friends and do more of what is good for your soul.