Self Preservation – Be Grateful


In a time where technology is moving faster than you can write the word, and is connecting everyone no matter where they are, you would expect that there would be a sense of inclusion, satisfaction and happiness yet evidence suggests there are more cases of depression and lowered health from stress.  Could it be that this new era is creating so much attachment that people are unable to switch off, unable to step away from comparison and unable to just take the time to focus on their own inner self?  My quick answer would be yes – that’s exactly what is wrong with today and what are we doing about it?

You only need to ask someone how they are and get the same and standard answer ‘busy’ to get a sense that everyone is feeling like they are on this hamster wheel.  There is a never ending list of things to do, there is never enough time to do them and we constantly live in overdrive because we just need to get that list cleared to feel happy.  But what is happiness?  Obviously it is different things to different people but in the end everyone looks for the same thing.  Love and connection.  So why if we are all so connected are we not happy?  Because we are so overstimulated and so in demand that we do not have the ability to sit back and truly appreciate what we do have and what we have achieved.  Instead we focus on that email that just popped in that has now created pressure because the sender forgot to tell you about a deadline that they have that is next week and that puts your entire week out so you have to shuffle all your plans to accommodate at the expense of your own health and your family, those you love…..and here it is – your love and connection need.  Or is it that you just saw something on social media that you thought ‘I wish I could do that, one day’ and then you focus on that for far longer than you should and forget about the amazing things you have been doing.  How is this building up your inner self. Why do we allow the focus and priority to sit with everyone else and not ourselves? 

I challenge every one of you to take on a gratitude challenge.  Instead of focusing on what you don’t have or what you have yet to do, every time you have this feeling, take out your notebook, make it the back of your livestock book if you need to, and write something in there you are grateful for.  It may be that you even take the reverse of what you are feeling and write that down. For example ‘I have so much washing to do’ turns into ‘I am grateful for the washing I have to do as it means my house is full of children and activity and in time to come my children will move on, so I am grateful to have them in my life and needing me now’ Or ‘I have so much work to get done’ ‘I am grateful that I work on things I am passionate about and get a sense of pride out of what I work on’ – keep looking for the positive.  Try 30 days of this and see what transforms.  It is impossible to be stressed and feel unhappy when you are being grateful – just like it is impossible to be mad or sad when you are skipping, so if the gratitude exercise fails skip and I guarantee, you will be happy in an instant.  I actually use this in my office.  If we have a team member in a funk, the office has to skip and within minutes everyone is giggling and laughing – impossible to be in a bad mood when you skip.


So remember to step back and take a look at the big picture and why you are so amazing.  The world needs more of that!