You Have a Coach for Sport, Why not one for your most valuable asset – Your business

You have kicked off the new year, got yourself recharged and full of inspirational steam for 2019 but where to from here.  You don’t want a repeat of prior years where you have set out your goals and your intentions for the year and by week 3 it has died in the ass.  Whether it be eating well, exercising, connecting more or kicking some butt in business you need to be kept accountable.


I know that if I did not have my PT, that may slightly scare me, waiting for me at the gym at 5am that I would probably hit snooze then feel guilty for not having exercised – he keeps me accountable.  Or the swimming training buddies that I swim with, less scary, but I am as equally accountable to them, so I get up and go.  I also have a wellness coach making sure I focus on my own health, because as you know, you are no good to anyone else if you do not look after yourself.  I have a marketing and branding consultant that I run marketing and image ideas with and create some great strategies but the core of my accountability is my business coach.  Yes I have one, because I KNOW it’s far more affective for me to have to answer to someone and follow through on all I set out to achieve. 

We have a coach for all the other aspects of our life so why not one for your business?  To drive you, set goals with you, to tell you how to improve your position, to assist in those big thinking ideas and how to get there but to also keep you focused on why you are doing what you do and what you are achieving and creating.  To make you step back and see the forest for the trees.

So whilst you set yourself up for what will be an epic year, think that step further in HOW.  How will I ensure that I achieve all these things because I deserve this.

Simple – A business coach, and one that understands your numbers.

I would love to talk to you about how we can make this your most successful year yet and how our business coaching will help.

Have a sensational week and stay klassy.