What is Success?

When people think of success they often think of money, wealth, popularity and things that are viewed as more materialistic and ‘showy’.  ‘If I drive this car I am successful, if I live in this big house I am successful’.  But success means different things to different people and as studies are beginning to show the ‘idea’ of success is becoming more and more responsible for the increase in burnout.  If you are working towards something that you cannot clearly define, that may not be a priority for your life or that you are doing for the approval of someone else, you very quickly lose your passion, a job becomes just that, you are a slave to the money and you work to meet the needs of another.

Let’s think of it another way.  If you were to write your own eulogy what do you want it to say.  ‘She was giving, spent time within the community with her family and had a love of life’ OR ‘was always at work, was an ass to deal with, was cranky more times than not, but drove a great car and lived in a beautiful house’.  How do you want people to remember you.  What stories are your children going to tell about you in years to come. What will they tell their children of your rituals, the fun times you had and the memories you created.  Will your friends talk about you to other friends about how you inspire them to be a great person and how supportive you are.


I think it is important to be present in our life decisions.  Too often we are caught on the hamster wheel doing things we hate to impress people we don’t like buying shit we don’t need and we lose sight of what success means to us.  For me success is being able to do things I want to at a time I want to with the people I want to whilst inspiring those around me to be the best version of themselves.  I’m not trying to take over the PM’s  job (although at this current point my 6 year old could do a better job, and with less conflict) and I certainly wouldn’t want to be Barnaby Joyce right now, and yes I have financial goals but do they define who I am and how I carry out my life, No.  Success means different things to different people and when we learn to stop judging others and being more kind to ourselves we will all realise just how successful we are.

Kristen LovettComment