Competition – It’s essential

I love to train.  The gym is my sanctuary, happy place and release.  I also love the pool.  Doing laps, watching the black line and listening to my own thoughts as I glide in the water.  But I can tell you that I do not train as hard, I do not swim as hard and I do not put in as much effort unless I am competing against someone else.  It’s fine to say ‘you only need to compete against yourself, you only need to be better than you were yesterday’ but I believe to really reach your potential and hit your best you need to be competing against someone else, to drive you there.  When I was training with Jaime Morgan (ex KLAS goddess) a few years ago I would push until I would feel like I was going to pass out or vomit, the same in the classes I would do.  I would spin that bike so hard I almost propelled myself to Lismore.  It’s different when you aren’t trying to be the best in the room, you settle.

So let’s put that into a business sense.  Instead of looking at a competitor as something to be feared, which then turns to other emotions that are completely unhelpful, embrace it.  Having someone to complete with will actually create your best work.  You need to be on your toes, looking for the best way to do things, the best product, great service, and it is actually great for your clients and customers.  It will make you your best!!

Enjoy the challenge instead of hating it, whinging about it or making it a negative in your life. Embrace it and see how great it makes your business if you use it right.