KLAS Business + Accounting

I remember the day clearly. Living in High Street Tenterfield having a beer with Ben and brainstorming a possible name for an accounting gig I was going to take on, and KLAS was born.  At the time I was doing some contracting and management for an accounting firm, now 13 years later we have the longest operating sole practitioner accounting firm in Tenterfield.

Kristen Lovett Accounting Services or KLAS  pronounced ‘Class’ have gone through many changes in the last 18 months but none quiet as big as the one occurring today.  We have changed our name.  But why?

After 13 years the emphasis is no longer on Kristen Lovett.  We have a large team of professional and highly skilled staff and our clients connect to at least three managers regularly.  Hay I love being the centre of attention, but it’s time to expand KLAS beyond a one person band and show the orchestra that creates the magic.

Let’s give a thought to the administration managers of our time that have had to say ‘Hello Kristen Lovett Accounting Services” up to 40 times a day (plus).  That’s a feat in itself.  We are known as KLAS and this change simplifies a range of brand issues, internet search issues and all the things that come with this new age.

Like anything that grows, it changes and develops and KLAS is no exception.  Our new name KLAS Business +  Accounting is more in line with our service offering and focus on BUSINESS.  We are business consultants, advisors, managers, tax experts and strategists.  Whilst we do a few wage and salary returns, this is not our core focus or business.  Our strength and value is in business advice, guiding you, assisting you, managing you and taking your business through its stages like a business partner.

So here we are, KLAS Business + Accounting.  Different name, same game and we look forward to our next chapter.