How to not lose your house in Business

 I of course do not want you to go broke.  I am focused on your success.  But I am also a realist.  Stuff happens that is sometimes out of your control.  What if you contract to a big building contractor and they go broke and you don’t see the $100k+ they owed you, what then? Or what if someone trips over in your premises and for some reason the Insurance company decides they are not covering you.  What if that shiny excavator you own digs up a vital line and you have one of our major Telcos on your tail, and worse, what if an employee gets fatally injured.  All things you would never wish on anyone but this stuff happens and this is WHY I am so passionate about structures.  Structures are your shield that protects your family and your assets.

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You Have a Coach for Sport, Why not one for your most valuable asset – Your business

You have kicked off the new financial year, got yourself recharged and full of inspirational steam for 2018/2019 but where to from here.  You don’t want a repeat of prior years where you have set out your goals and your intentions for the year and by week 3 it has died in the ass.  Whether it be eating well, exercising, connecting more or kicking some butt in business you need to be kept accountable.

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This is what is wrong with your business

This is by no means a gripe about the restaurant we went to.  We work on many hospitality businesses and these are the kinds of conversations we have when determining why there might be a change in margins or a drop in sales.  And most of our clients nail it.  Take Our Place Tenterfield for example.  Amanda has her team well trained in customer experience and she herself is one of the best hosts I have seen in business. 

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Bullying, Like it or not we need this

When I was a child growing up there were always bullies.  I don’t mean the hitting and steal your lunch kind but there is always a mean girl just waiting to make you look like a dick in front of others so they can build their own self esteem, create a group around them that make them more popular or give them power in the playground.  And I thank those people. 

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KLAS Business + Accounting

Kristen Lovett Accounting Services or KLAS  pronounced ‘Class’ have gone through many changes in the last 18 months but none quiet as big as the one occurring today.  We have changed our name.  But why?

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What is Success?

When people think of success they often think of money, wealth, popularity and things that are viewed as more materialistic and ‘showey’.  ‘If I drive this car I am successful, if I live in this big house I am successful’.  But success means different things to different people and as studies are beginning to show the ‘idea’ of success is becoming more and more responsible for the increase in burnout. 

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